September 2016ppkontrakt

We are so happy and proud of this little piece of paper, because it’s a three-book deal with one
of the biggest and best Danish publishers People’s Press!
We cannot wait to get to work with all these talented people – and our next book is ready very, very soon…
Dagmar & Kenneth xx

May 2016

And now the japanese edition in our handsJapansk udgave


June 2014

Finally release in UK!
We are so happy. We look forward to read the reviews and to meet readers at Birmingham Litterature Festival in October, where we just have been invited to come.

And finally: Little Brown have decided to release The Preacher on the US and Canadian Markets.

Krimi-spænding-forside Krimi-Spænding-artikel

May 2014

We are honoured to be Danish publisher Gyldendal’s Book Club Crime Fiction Book of the Month this May!
The Preacher is available at a special prize for book club members, so do head over to their website and check it out. We are most grateful for the lovely piece they have done on us in their magazine. “Danish  Crime Sensation” has a nice ring to it….


February 2014

Ali Gunn

We are absolutely devastated to learn of the death of our amazingly brilliant literary agent Ali Gunn, who passed away on February 20th while vacationing in Switzerland.

And I try to imagine her there, in Switzerland.
I do not know who she was with, but knowing her I feel certain that she was in the company of friends, that she was laughing, drinking wine, that she was having a good time. I have never been around Ali when she wasn’t having a good time. Beautiful, with red lipstick, entering every room with confidence and the natural authority that comes with really knowing your trade and your strengths. And we would follow her, into taxis, into restaurants, into the fabulous offices of our dream publisher, with whom she secured us a contract, completely in awe.

Many of her authors had known her for many years. That was not the case for us. We only began our working relationship in 2011 when we were in the market for an agent. We were making enquiries, getting letters of rejection, letters of vague interest, requests for more chapters…and then the email from Ali, reading simply “ LOVE IT! Can you call me? Best and thanks, Ali.”
Those who knew her will know that for Ali, this was a relatively long email.
She had left a message on my voicemail as well. That enthusiastic voice, razor sharp, full of promise. That frightening energy. And the overwhelming kindness with which she treated us, complete newbies, explaining every detail of this new world we were entering.
I had hoped to know her for a lot longer. After all, when I asked how long you would normally stay with an agent, she said to me: “Oh, for life, darling.”

She flew us to London; we signed the contracts. I was so curious to see what she looked like. I had imagined her older, somehow, as if that level of clout, experience and connectedness belonged in an older woman. Google had not revealed much; she was also private, even secretive in a sense. And then she turned out to be young, fashionable, gorgeous, a strange mix of down-to-earth and high up in the skies.
I realise there are so many things I don’t know about her. But what she showed me was unlike any person I’ve ever met.

I tried to impress her with some literary quotes, it didn’t work. She was not easily impressed. (Before we met, I asked her if I should send photographs. “Sweetheart, it’s not a beauty contest,” she said.) She would talk about the literary scene that surrounded her with such humour, wit and sarcasm – but her love of literature, of the actual books was so present in everything she said. “I don’t care about intellect,” she said to me once. “I guess I just like the thought of some girl sitting on a bus, on her way to work, and getting out a book to read on the way. Just because she likes it and she likes to read.”

Ali made our dreams come true. She was wonderful and inspiring to work with, and she made us feel like royalty.  For all her glamour, I will never forget the way she treated us – complete nobodies flying in from Denmark – and our book, and the way she spoke of her other authors with such pride.
She fought like a lion on our behalf and got us and our debut novel further than we could have ever imagined. She was a whirlwind experience and offered us one as well.

I would wish for every writer that they come across an agent like Ali. I am so sad that I don’t get to work with her any more. She was so talented and capable, and there was such a sense of adventure surrounding her; that anything was possible and she just might get you wherever you wanted to go.

Our thoughts are with her friends and family.



November 2013


November 29, 2013Signering, Trangæk1, smallSignering, Trangbæk, small

Signing books in our local bookstore. We signed about 80 copies in a couple of hours! Thanks to holder of the bookstore Niels Trangbæk.



November 28, 2013


The English paperback is released for sale in Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand and South Africa. We are so excited!




Forkynderen, med citater komprimeretForkynderen, med citater komprimeretForkynderen, med citater komprimeret


Second edition on the danish market

With a new cover


First edition sold out!

100_7715 100_7723

Two weeks after publication day we are thrilled to annouce that the
first edition of The Preacher in Danish, Forkynderen, has completely
sold out!
Second edition is finished, fresh off the press, and should hit the
bookstores in the beginning of next week.

We had the most amazing publication day on November  1st, starting
with a morning radio interview and then on to Salling department
store, where all books sold out completely. We have basically had a
dream launch and we’re still pinching ourselves.

Danish ebook is also available now on ibooks, etc.

CPH Book Fair

Hello to Sara Blaedel at the release of her new book

Hello to Sara Blaedel at the release of her new book

Last weekend we visited the Copenhagen Book Fair at Bella Center and
had an amazing time – what an event! We were there to do interviews –
but certainly also to join Sara Blaedel on the oublication day of her
latest crime novel “Dødesporet” which is already topping the
bestseller lists in Denmark. We were so very happy to drink champagne
with Sara, especially after all the support she’s generously offered
The Preacher. Sara’s “Sander Jakobsen Day” and competition on her
facebook page generated overwhelming interest, and we are extremely
grateful for her help. We hope you look forward to reading her latest
when it’s out in English – the reviews over here are amazing.

Four-star review from Liv Magazine:
“A skilful crime thriller debut from the duo working under the
pseudonym Sander Jakobsen, already sold to be published abroad. It
seems perfect for TV adaptation with images and dialogue that stays on
your tongue and your retina. A sure hit for the commuter’s bag – just
remember to get off the bus!”

Signing in our own back yard: Rønde, November 29thDSC_3428
On Friday, November 29 we are looking forward to a very special
signing event: our beloved local book shop Trangbæk Bøger & Papir in
Rønde! We will be there from 3-5pm, come and have a glass of red wine
with us and enjoy our lovely book shop with its own café – such a
great idea and a lovely atmosphere.

TV interview
We have done a lovely interview with Danish TV2, catch it here ( In Danish)

Copenhagen Post writes about usCopenhagen Post


October 27, 2013

Danish national newspaper, Metroxpress, writes about us:


Release party for The Preacher, November 1st

Just four days until our big release of The Preacher in Danish, ”Forkynderen”. We invite everyone to join us at Salling department store in Aarhus on Friday, November 1st from 4-6pm. Drinks are served. We are looking forward to presenting the book and are happy put a signature in it if so desired.

Radio 24syv
We recently did a radio interview in the Danish national radio show AK 24syv. It was an amazing experience to sit down with a dedicated radio host and chat for 45 minutes! We are delighted to experience such passion for literature and the publishing business, and also very happy to know that they still make radio with time for actual conversation. You can listen to the broadcast here:
Also available as podcast.

First review in!
We have gotten our first review and we are happy to say it’s a four star one! Danish magazine Alt for Damerne have been kind enough to write this ( translated into English):

“There is an almost Barnaby-ish atmosphere in the debut novel from duo Sander Jakobsen, a new Danish writing couple. Meant in the most positive way with suspense, compassion, reflection….a classic thriller with all the quirky characters from a small-town society….The Preacher is well-crafted with elegant details, credible dillemmas between motive and opportunity – ot’s simply a really good, in places even thought-provoking thriller, keeping the reader in a solid grip.”


August 22, 201311492_1842939452512818_1022063652_n

The danish edition is now in print. The release will be the 1st of november. We are very excited!


August 6, 2013

The Preacher in Japan!

We are ecstatic to announce that The Preacher will find an audience in Japan! It will be published by Hayakawa in a line of Scandinavian crime fiction. We are so excited that the Japanese are discovering Nordic Noir – and obviously we are proud to be out in Europe, Australia and Asia!


Juli 19, 2013

The Preacher in Danish: Forkynderen!

Check out our Danish publishers’ website – as we are happy and proud to be headlining it!
We thank the good people at Punktum for making everything look so good and for being fast and efficient enough for The Preacher to be found in Danish bookstores come October!


June 21, 2013

The cover of The Preacher just released! We hope you like it. Thank you so much to the amazing people at Sphere / Little Brown UK for putting so much work into making this stunning cover. We cannot begin to describe what it feels like to see our words visualized in this way.

Cover of The Preacher

Cover of The Preacher


June 19, 2013

We are thrilled to announce our publishing contract with Danish publisher Punktum. The Preacher will be in the danish bookstores in autum 2013 – in Danish of course. We are looking forward to working with Punktum, and we are so excited to have the novel out in Denmark.


April 20, 2013

Check out this little sound bite from Danish national Radio ( it’s in Danish) of Dagmar explaining how The Preacher came to be published in the UK. Thanks to DR journalist Jesper Himmelstrup for sending us the file!


After her radio appearance, DR Kultur was ready outside and stole Dagmar away for another, longer interview, which you can find here ( also in Danish)


February 20, 2013

We are so pleased to announce our first publishing contract with UK publisher Little, Brown.
The Preacher will be published in Australia in November 2013 and in the UK in May, 2014.
We are extremely grateful to all the people who are working on The Preacher at the moment –
our excellent editor, our tireless agent and the copy editors and proof readers who will work on
it next. It is an amazing feeling to have submitted the final manuscript. Now we will turn our
attention to our next novel, which is well on its way.

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